Prayer for Ukraine

Crocuses' Lament 

The time of year had come
for crocuses to bloom
and kings to bomb their neighbors

to take what they couldn't have
and prance about on high horses
The prudent would evacuate

Soldiers would fight bravely
shoot down helicopters
then retreat into the forest

to plan the resistance
surprise the kings men
w/ their lack of welcome

while peacemakers gathered body parts
& delivered them to the embassy
A dainty dish, then they danced

in the street, were arrested & tortured
Never give up. Fear only Being
The determinant of whether or not

your life has been wasted. Hold hands
and sing. Lift your hands in wonder
aware that you are breathing creatures

The crocuses are up while the world
looks on aghast and continues 
to drive thru' blood for cheap gas

World leaders & business men
step away from the trough
grieve their loss of revenue

with crocuses in bloom & gardens
waiting patiently to be planted
in sunflowers & sugar beets this year

Prayer for Ukraine

I wrote a poem. It was liked & loved, commented upon & shared but it had no arms, no hands or feet. 

I tho't, "Prayer can do more than this." 

Thick mud, powerful lightening, messengers w/ fiery swords stood in the road, fighters protected their home w/ consciousness of strength, peace to die and trust that something about this horror would move the world toward an end & a beginning. 

I saw people walking, a few then hundreds, then thousands of millions walking across Ukraine & on into Moscow while others converged from every direction; all the people of the world, people of faith willing to die, 

walking with their hands up or hands joined w/ other hands, singing, chanting, maybe just walking quietly, taking in the scenery, meeting soldiers from both sides; human mother’s sons & daughters. 

The doctors, the providers of food, the reporters & cameras were already there; the prayers praying, the givers of money already giving, soldiers arriving from foreign countries to put flesh & blood on the line. 

The borders were opened & we were given shoes. 

We walked across Ukraine & on into Moscow, meeting people, making friends; all good people of the world gathered there. 

The cruel tyrant came out & went quietly tho’ with his shoulders still back and that smile. Maybe some day, if he lived long enough, he would respond to reality and to mercy and be strong enough to carry his weakness and be of some use. 

(The way of Manifest Destiny has been going for thousands of years. Jesus & Gandhi & Dr. King have shown us how to end it.)