Friday April 19, AD 2024
Louisville, Kentucky
Latitude: 36 50’ 04" N  Longitude: -84 51’ 08" W
922 feet above sea level
Sunrise: 6:57 Sunset: 8:18

Then, (since “life is not fair”) I commended mirth, 
because a man hath no better thing under the sun,
than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that
shall abide with him of his labor. - Ecclesiastes 8:15







    Back to Work

    Our father, strength of the sky, in hope 
    that your reputation be clean, your movement noted, 
    your pleasure accomplished on the ground as it is
    in the sky; see that everyone has enough to eat today, 
    and pick us up, put us back to work as we have done
    for everyone in our way. Don't lead us off into deep water 
    to see what we'll do but snatch us away 
    from disaster and from rot. 



The First Street Sessions

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Video - Front Porch Friday 4/17/20 - Skull Hill (click it)

Pumpkin Seed Relief

So light, I had to look
     to see if you were still there
Lying on my third finger--
     a tiny football,
No laces, gray green.

I left you on the desk, my
     beloved object,
Had to go back for you
     before I did the dishes.
Then, I forgot you until 
     after the news hour
When I came down to make
     popcorn and drinks.
I put my hand in 
     my pocket
And, there you were,
     smooth with potential.

I noticed you again the next afternoon
     while my wife spoke of her progress.
You felt safe there and I rolled you
     between my fingers.

Till the End of My Days

I snuck into the kitchen where the clarinet bit me.
I'll hobble till the end of my days.