Sunday, January 2, AD 2022

Louisville, Kentucky

Latitude: 38 13.4' N; Longitude: -85 44.4' W

466' feet above sea level

Sunrise: 7:57; Sunset: 5:49

                                ...I turned to my advisors                                                                                          The Ones Who Can, Existent, clothed in light                                       Mysterious evidence; the leaf continued to spin


Words & Music, Sincerity & Roots

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Video - Front Porch Friday 4/17/20 - Skull Hill (click it)




Ready to Ride 


Jim Needler 



Ready to Ride 

For the friends & family of Paul “Red Oak” Puntenney 

(Strong, good looking, burned hot & split easy) 



Empty & Waiting  

The bells had begun to ring & I looked into the mirror   

Behind me people walking slowly toward the door   

I’m empty & waiting for a change to come   

Some inclination to put me back to work   

You reach up & I reach down to pick you up   

And then you are me w/ aching shoulders   

Digging & lifting & sorting thru’ files   

Looking for something to bring back the joy   


Even Your Son  

I saw the sky turn red & the crow   

Came by from the west w/ the same old story   

“The wind is rising & you’ll soon be gone”   

Still there is some unfinished work    

Kindness & generosity to be reciprocated   

Even your son has offered his assistance   

Careless cricket chirps on, oblivious   

Spider in her web... song bird singing   


This Given Day 

The morning bird woke & began to sing   

Soon the day would become obvious   

Even to me in my disappointment   

Too slow to be seen I slink thru’ shadows   

Wanting to be generous I keep on looking   

For something I might have that I could give to you   

Something acceptable on this given day   

Standing in this light & the morning birds singing   


Wide Open & Free    

Red magnolia seed shines in the pod   

Cicada & crickets & once again mown lawns   

Still I despair of tying anything together   

Except for this time to the timeless being   

Existence leads my eye to the sky   

And back again in memory to the eyes I’ve seen   

I long for you now sitting under this tree   

Wishing you well wide open & free   


A Blind Man at the Door 

Humans walking wearing clothes   

Synthesized materials against hot flesh   

Tired & waiting, anxious to grow tired   

Of everything that once stimulated their angry minds   

Crowds gather outside to argue loudly   

Over both sides of an unsubstantiated insinuation   

Then come in or go out to eat blood & frolic   

(There’s a blind man at the door & his ears are burning) 


Best Wishes or a Trail of Ants 

His shoes are dusty & his pants don’t fit   

Grass turning brown... sparrows are thirsty   

He doubts that he’ll ever finish his work   

So he sends his best wishes & feels much better   

Maybe later he’ll remember how to tell the story   

Find a way to make up for all the tedium   

A soft train whistle... a whirring of wheels   

A trail of ants that comes & goes   


Ready to Ride  

There had been some rain during the night   

Trees waving sadly w/ knowledge of autumn   

And I’m sad too the red oak fallen   

I’m walking slowly dragging a stick   

Checking the sky for a lingering spirit   

Old friend ready to ride range on the universe   

Red hair flying & waving that Stetson   

“Come on, jimmy, you won’t believe what’s out here”   


Passing Thru’ 

Cool in the shade & the morning light   

Mockingbird beside himself w/ so many tunes   

I’m relaxed now learning to be grateful   

Choices made about occupation – listening   

In gratitude to those who’ve been kind to me   

Thanking the one who’s beyond me   

Walking the road we all must take   

Just passing thru’ on my way home 


Mostly Sky 

Here below tree tops & ornate cornices   

In the un-mown lawn surprise crocuses   

I wait for a word a wonder a wisdom   

Small but here among the others   

Working for the renewal & preservation of existence   

Reaching for all that we have in common   

And hoping that we will stand up again   

There’s more sky than anything else  


A Sudden Gladness 

Yellow leaves brighten the ground   

Crocuses poking the sky w/ lavender   

A sudden gladness to see & be seen   

Passing thru’ the foyer w/ my hat in my hand   

The special one in me has begun to expect   

Kindness consideration & a satisfactory heft   

Taking on the persona as well as the work   

And the holly bush standing full of red berries   


At the Curb/At the Center 

At the curb had begun the piling of leaves   

The opening up of the canopy of blue   

Like a benefit of joining in on the conversation   

W/ admiration for the ones who are able to speak   

Submitting to each other an honest perspective   

A pleasure that doesn’t depend on ridicule   

And the sky still there in its infinite loop   

Everywhere everyone at the center of the universe