Sunday September 23 AD 2018

Wet concrete the drizzling rain
Beading on the toe of my traveling shoe
Envy & murder boil in me
Terror & laughter mock police
Put off the trouble wash your hands
While they stand hide in pillars
On this page rain gathers
Insult & outrage have a place to go

Sunday September 16 AD 2018   


The bell tolled once, the crickets listened
Then they resumed unconsciously

Immanent death un-imagined

We'd all been having so much fun

What's to be gone thru' must be gone thru'
Or dissipated thru' the knees

Listen to me now: watch first then ask
This road goes thru' reality

Sunday September 9 AD 2018

The magnolia is blushing
For the house w/ empty windows
And for these lines that have no feet
They're so awkward & hesitant
Where is the politician who
Will notice such a thing as this
The damp air cooling in the grass
Pill bug hunting along edges 

Sunday August 26 AD 2018

The underside of gray cloud glows
Morning bird whistles a long note

Grinning woman there beside me
I tho't there's more to be revealed

Along this gentle street where cries
Of freedom once roared out warning

As in the shadow of the wind 
Every motion will be clear light


Sunday September 2 AD 2018

Motorcycle & cicada
Roaring at noon goad weary crowds
Who had been cheered by morning's breeze
Stifled now in the thickened air
Leaning against brick walls or trees
Waiting to be lifted waiting
To shout passion for their freedom
Always ready for bread or blood

Sunday January 21 AD 2018

The golf course had been abandoned
Orange pine tree resting vulture
The children came dancing from there
Lebanese w/ twirling towel 
And we watched while the plot thickened
Romance married w/ intention
Gyrated & balanced around
An old Japanese man smiling


Sunday January 28 AD 2018

Pumpkin leaking across the porch
Porch light lit into the morning
I move too slowly to be seen
And finally get out the door
Out into a place where water
Encourages a conscious breath
Shadow takes on definition
Hidden seeds prepare the daylight


Sunday February 4 AD 2018

By the porch railing water drips
Buses wait among waiting trees
Recovering from all that's passed
The shaking & tossing about
Bread delusions of grandeur but
Weirdest is the throwing of self
Tho'ts of flying & being caught
In those warm strong arms of the one


Sunday February 11 AD 2018

The earth is full of water now
And the streets have begun to fill
Depth of morning covered in shame
Yet I expect to be lifted
The tester comes w/ his choices
Food & cash or a death mask thrill
I know tho’ even from this height
He has nothing in either hand


Sunday February 18 AD 2018

Shivering there in the brightness
Wild onions have begun to grow
I’ve been goaded into action
Searching the clutter for dollars
Carrying trouble like a friend
My shoulder is sore from lifting
The sky takes a deep breath exhales
And shadows begin to withdraw


Sunday February 25 AD 2018

In the shrubs there are white flowers
Robin in the street for a worm
Familiar motions of spring
The high water & the nausea 
Think again while the measured sky
Approaches what your life must be
Take your pick of attitudes &
See who it is that’s in your way


March 4th (once more)

Trees began to flower again
Sparrows arrived w/ strands of straw
Awareness had come building trust
For weakness from signs of what's real
There was movement both near & far
Delivering me from elsewhere
A can rattled across pavement
Little birds chattered in sunlight


Sunday November 5 AD 2017

There is a tree w/ white flowers
The holly bush is excited
I'm sleepy under such pressure
I've fallen back to morning light
There is damage all around me
But also the sky w/ its strength
My skin is like everyone's skin
My children too want kindness


Sunday November 12 AD 2017

A steady fall of yellow leaves
Flies walking on a marble step
I am thin mostly hidden stand
Offish in division of words
Understanding's a happy thing
Together we'll have a party
There's a camera man in red
Along the wall a quick sparrow


Sunday November 19 AD 2017

Seven kinds of bird in one tree
Flowering vine & mistletoe
My belly is complicated
Looking into the mouth of time
Searching for something strong among
The ruins that cannot be lost
Dim light gathers in the window
An old dusty web starts to move

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *










December 17 AD 2017


(Wet earth is our habitation
Piled golden leaves & red berries)
And I am happy to be here
Where I may check my emotions
Lust for power distorts the time
Kindness implicates all of us
Coming out of frightened houses
To see if what we tho't was real










Sunday December 24 AD 2017

In the woods this morning, fine snow 
Among the prefabrications
And I long for a simple home
With a garden by the river
And walks among the twisting strands
That hold earth & sky together
First I must come to where I stopped
Amused by an electric fire                                                                                                                                                                                                         








Sunday December 31 AD 2017

The road is now salted & dry
People walk quickly, houses steam
I find myself awkward again
Out of touch w/ my own image
So I study the scriptures, shine
My shoes, brush this stringy old hair
Get ready for an appearance 
Once again among the people                                                                                                                                                                                                    

January 7 AD 2018


The ground is frozen but the path
Is clear, smoke rolling to the south
I wanted my big boots back on
And the frost growing in my beard
With laughter to roll off the years
(Fool giggling to goad the king)
I would pick up my sled again
Tromp thru' woods looking for a hill

Sunday September 24 AD 2017

Here in the shade of a blushing
Magnolia almost pleasant
Crickets & seeding grass in curbs
Cicada enhance the sickness
While festive victims speak of joy
Allow your perspective some room
Go back to work powerful eyes
Are watching you & things will change


Sunday October 1 AD 2017

A clamor for revolution
Has risen from the throats of cows
And I join in the resistance
Chutes & gates of conversation
Some orient themselves by talking
Others find themselves by watching
Talkers & watchers have to meet
The river & the river bank)

Sunday October 8 AD 2017

Lost ants crossing a textured floor
We struggled over instructions
Shaken late we arrived on time
We'd missed our turn & found our friend
Turned around led him to the show
Autumn rain full sky & dancing
Barrels of joy overflowing
From the garden singing again



Sunday September 3 AD 2017


Shadows came & went, a tall shoot
Had risen from the holly bush
Breath of being settled on us
Made us glad to say what we could
Trusty jock strap of honest words
Strong words to support the weary
(Into poorly lit, weightless space
Came a vision - laughter & rest)



Sunday September 10 AD 2017


The bell had already been rung
In porch shade, crickets continued
I had fallen on affection
The party over & it's good
To have someone who'll help you up
Or at least ask if you're okay
Moving slowly - I'm expected
Across the newly tidied lawn



Sunday September 17 AD 2017


Cricket, cicada, flying seed
From a blue sky w/ sound of bells
Gently moved by life's intention
Cautious toward the damaged soul
A spirit personified sits
Upon the ledge of my window
Movement being moved by being
And the strength that comes behind him


Sunday June 4 AD 2017


Vine trails down from off a porch roof
Tree blooms & scatters its dry leaves
I was glad to find you still there
Afraid I'd ignored you too long
I never could grasp your kindness
Holding to my own twisted tho't
Vomited up from Where-are-they
I rose, headed back into town


Sunday June 11 AD 2017

Lawns of spring had been mowed again
The air continued to be fresh
I'd been distracted & angry
But glad too for some assistance
In this time before all is lost
Reminded from where help may come
Old men try to get there work done
Young men search for occupation

Sunday June 18 AD 2017

Flow of light on the Willamette
Flight of heron & mocking crow
Between pictures, tears surprised me
For the true moment, I am glad
You must speak in opposition
Observe, make peace, help your people
White roses climbed up behind you
Reached out & took hold of your bride







Sunday March 5 AD 201 

There was a soft brass chorus on
Red blossom in the straggly hedge
Your alarm drew my attention
I turned around & looked your way
Don't tell me, show me what it is
Don't give till you get an answer
Small pale bird dances on the branch
Yes, uncertainty is for real


Sunday March 12 AD 2017

Water sky again cloudless blue
Dove head-under-wing on the wire
And at the top of something true
Being spoke, I stopped to listen
Pain is not to be placated
Sit in the dust & be quiet
The dove turned & began to sing
Black trees stood waiting for their time

Sunday March 19 AD 2017

Violets & dandelions
Again, a glimmer in green grass
Jammed up looking at prophesy 
I swallow, look around to see
A red tree detailed in light
With roots reaching for the water
Give a shout, the earth is w/ us
And the sky goes all the way thru'

Sunday October 30 AD 2016


In my eyes, sunlight warm & red
Also, something cool was passing
There's some expectation of rest
In preparation for going
A kindness in the grip & flow
In each knock, a release & hold
Ash leaf moved, maple gone orange 
Calico butterfly passed thru'


Sunday November 6 AD 2016

The holly bush is green & fat
Maple leaves drifting in to rest
Lifted by a word, by laughter
From my habits & failure
I crave this strong encouragement
To release what has been captured
My eyes are dry & they're twitching 
I lift them for the sky to heal

Sunday November 13 AD 2016

Frost finally there this morning
These holly berries are happy
Just when I'm ready to engage
(Being is so passions boil)
Reconciliation requires
Confrontation, reformation
This understanding is a start
Their anger feels the same as yours

Sunday November 20 AD 2016

There's a tree growing from the wall
Yellow leaves pile against the curb
Embarrassed, I'm searching for love
In the gaps of my peevishness 
To be empty & yet remain
Conflicted for the sake of peace 
It's not easy to line things up
In time in space, mind in body

Sunday November 27 AD 2016

Pile of old leaves below the step
Dandelion ready to blow
While I search for words that will say
Attractive things you'll understand
Once you see that being is true
You will haul without distraction 
Excited holly bush trembles
I believe the wind is real

Sunday December 4 AD 2016

Magnolia seed pods darken
Across the sidewalk, on the ground
There's futility in my chest
I'm bugged because I tried so hard
Mustn't listen to every voice
Instruction must be followed tho'
I'm told to look for a glimmer
Something bright to travel toward


Sunday December 11 AD 2016


Cedar branch motions empty air
Porch swing rocks w/ no one in it
Having slept soundly thru' the night
I woke to find walls & sunlight
There's a woman in my kitchen
Moving things industriously 
No doubt someone will start singing
There'll be talk of babies & blood


Sunday December 18 AD 2016

Crystallized water, flakes of snow
Grey, golden brown, round red berries
Ready to sit at the window
Watch the rise & fall of branches
Prepare to be lifted again
Preparation makes confidence 
With knowledge of where to put trust
Locate the memory in time

Sunday December 25 AD 2016

A brown leaf in the fog at dawn
Surrounded by alarm & rage
I woke early & stayed awake
Kindness requires attention
Reality wants some distance
Finally I got out of bed
Limped upstairs to make a candle
Diffused light - easy on the eyes

Sunday January 1 AD 2017

Decorations dragging the ground
My breath has become visible
Affections possibilities
Encourage me to look again
The greek mind likes entertainment
The hebrew body moves in space
And I pass thru' the water sky
My mind pressed against the vision

Sunday January 8 AD 2017

I sat on a cold marble step
Alarms continuing to sound
Even so I am relieved now
In this skin w/ its rise & fall
We've been thru' the variations
And back again to this moment
A breathing creature & aware
Of the breath & of the danger

Sunday January 15 AD 2017

The church bells are ringing again
Over this cold wet city street
Appreciation's not enough
Impression of dramatic pipes
More impressive is the sorrow
Of the great man who's lost his joy
Go down then & equip yourself
The game of desires is on

Sunday January 22 AD 2017

Seven crows flew in from the east
Covered in the gray profusion 
I had come from morning prayers
Covered in gray trepidations
Stepping into the deep culture
With these bound by truth & kindness
I shook hands w/ a gentle man
Bright light wrapped in gray protection

Sunday January 29 AD 2017

Snow, sleet, scarves & shiver of flesh
All the big trucks keep on moving
I’m ready to sit under vines
Stop wrestling w/ all these words
(It’s always wise to ask wisdom
Separate decadence from health)
I will get up, follow the steps
Contemplation, conversation

Sunday February 5 AD 2017

Tenor saxophone leads them in
Thru’ garlic growing from the lawn
Terrified on verge of being
Playful wisdom makes them happy
They dance upon the solid ground
Knowing where they are & the light
And confident in their choices
They remember your quiet face


Sunday April 3 AD 2016

A red bud leaf, cool mourning dove
Old maple laid down in the night
I'm stranded in swamps of paper
Yet I see the sky beyond me
There are many ways, says Lao Tsu
But there is only the one way
It's this path thru' reality
And the land of breathing creatures

Sunday April 10 AD 2016

Cool piano, dogwood flowers
"Elegy to a Sentiment"
I woke up angry, encumbered
Stand still is the word, be quiet
We are here in the morning sky
Watching for our expectations
To be is all I can think of
Such preponderant president

Sunday April 17 AD 2016

Sunlight, spin of maple fliers 
Warm back, the field of violets
A baby's articulation
I'm so small, yes, so very small
Listen to the voice of being
Remember & you'll be just fine
Hunger & thirst are instruction
Murder & theft will cut us all

Sunday April 24 AD 2016

Tiny leaves suddenly grown large
Holly bush full of green berries
I am surprisingly relaxed
I still haven't solved the riddle
Being is, I will admit that
I watch for the motion of things
Expectations, dandelions
Tall grass. Blue egg on the sidewalk


Sunday February 7 AD 2016


Low heat from a pale sun, jet trail
Motion of air under hat brim
Hopeful in possibility
Blessed by loss & desperation
When your anger finally lifts
The ground & the sky will love you
This holly bush trembles, it shakes
Compassion too grows from the ground




February 14 AD 2016

Trumpets, cold knees & saxophones
Under grey sky, red lights flash
In my car, I check emotions
Exhausted & lame but hopeful
Being strong reveals your real strength
Hold on to her & don't let go
Outside, brown leaf fragments flutter
And wait to be turned into dirt                                                                                                                                                                       

Sunday February 21 AD 2016

Drip from gutter, magnolia 
Sound of tires on rain wet pavement
Motion of wind on deep water
Thin boats & the heroic crew
Mix of metaphor & trouble
Stay in it as long as you can
Mourning doves are awake again
Guardian of loaves is thinking                                                                                                                                                                     

Sunday February 28 AD 2016

Chime note rings, dog barks in bright sun
Birds gossip to the left & right
Relaxed & without nausea 
I enjoy warm light on my face
These words say only what they say
Perhaps it's a conversation
Surrounded by children's voices
A sudden absence of traffic


Sunday January 3, AD 2016                                                                                 

Red sparks in morning's frosted grass
Ash stump, summer's tomato sticks
I've risen from your waking hand
And looked to see what is given
Who is able must have done it
Only one other would dare try
Five murders chase the war bird
In & out of the willow tree


Sunday January 17 AD 2016                                                                                


Bells toll, there's a scent of diesel
On the highway, big trucks head south
I sit in winter light & scratch
Oblivious of the terror
Of the ecstasy of leaving
Of doing strange & awful acts
My shoulder suddenly shivers
In the distance, something rattles




Sunday January 24 AD 2016                                                                               


There are sparrow tracks in bright snow
Scent of yeast, then humans walking
I could lie down, avoid trouble
Or mix quietly w/ others
What you will allow & do then
The gentle motion of blessing
Am I wrong, must there be gritting
Lies to grease your poor rusted heart                                                                                                                                                                                            


Sunday January 31 AD 2016                                                                               


Small branches move in morning light
A bird wakes & opens its beak
I would sink back into my dreams
But I won't be able to now
I'm thinking of Isaac's terror
How hunger & blessing change us
While dark clouds move steadily north
And begin to take on color  




Sunday December 20 AD 2015

A yellow jet plane drops in, this
Holly has only one berry
Have patience at Creator's Gate...
Or else confusion, dismissal 
W/out love, envy will eat you
Your song be only distraction 
In the middle of this short day
Stand & look upon creation

Sunday December 27 AD 2015

Steady water from ancient sky
Brown dog & red pants, umbrella
I'm stable emotionally...
Able to respond w/ respect
In other words, I am resting
Waiting upon some affection
To draw me into the conflict
And show me the work to be done

December 13 AD 2015


Notice - scent of water, leaf mold
Grass still green & there's a red bow
Perhaps it's right to have carved chests...
To gasp out of the violence
This body is largely water
But there is also breath & sky
Across the street - a pile of rocks
Excavation, pipe, mistletoe


December 6 AD 2015


Falling light shines off the grass
Background of cricket & bird song
I'm precarious in desire...
What I want is the way to peace
The voice of Being interrupts 
The sin that I am married to 
Invites me to pay attention
Bring something honest & gladly


Sunday November 1 AD 2015
(All Saints Day)


Yellow leaves still mottled in green
Whiny rattle of wheel bearings
This frail god sits & moans softly
Hears want of accompaniment
Desires freedom from the too much
Has trouble giving it away
Two birds sit there incognito
On black wire against pale grey sky




Sunday November 8 AD 2015




Across the ages, a rush of leaves
Lazy cricket's high futile sound
Thin disease up my fragile spine
I watch & wait & remember
What is seen & heard & tasted
Revolves around some warm desire
A mountainous horse rears up
Being again impresses me


Sunday November 15 AD 2015


There is light & there are shadows
Something warm across my shoulder
I'm distressed in repetition
Encumbered by electric lines
Father in the sky I listen
For your footsteps & your laughter
My eyes see blue & wonder how
A word, a song, an allowance


Sunday November 22 AD 2015


Sparrow, robin, the house finches
Arched across these leafless branches
I'm relaxed in revelation
In trust, in this gentle woman
Naked, thrilled & nearly fearless
Shameless in a time of pleasure
We're here to tend to the garden
In late bloom & so near to frost


Sunday November 29 AD 2015


Out of the grey, a neon tree
Scatter of yellow & scarlet
I'm disappointed w/ my voice
Entranced by smooth talk, food, wisdom
Overwhelmed w/ red dirt & blocked
By cherubim, a sword of fire
I slowly walk away w/ sighs
Groans, hunger & this reaching ache

Sunday October 4 AD 2015

Heat from our fellow traveler

The holly berries turning red
I'm okay, just a bit weary
The conflict across my shoulder
It's a surprise how important
Between dirt & this present sky
You can relax & attend to
Your work; the one you love loves you

Sunday October 11 AD 2015

Steady leaf fall, half yellow tree
High sparrow addresses the sky
To stand under these is desired
And ways to lighten heavy hands
Your discomfort may make you mean
Or turn your body to sweetness
Oh why not just say it plainly
It is all too simple for words

Sunday October 18 AD 2015

Robin preens & sparrow must speak
On a dry branch of this old tree
While I inspect my stiff old wings
Adjust the trouble in my bag
Put my left hand in my pocket
Make a fist to bump w/ my right
Sit a moment then I must run
Tip my hat & be on my way


Sunday October 25 AD 2015

Memory of the scent of soap
Motion of hair along forearms 
Being a stranger as always
Someone wants to pull me back in
Sit w/ me awhile, I'm unwell 
Or walk w/me this lonely place
The trees again - I see color
And suppose that you see it too


Sunday September 6 AD 2015

Heron walks with hands in pockets
Across the field for arrow heads
Among clods of Indiana
To rest his eyes & speak slowly
And yes of course there will be food
Invite the IS warriors
Bring a platter out to meet them
Lift your breath up into the sky


Sunday September 13 AD 2015


Back in the shadows w/ sunlight
Sparrows & a few wings of seed
An effort has been made & laid
Out w/ modicum of clutter
Compassionate diggers require
Rest as well as some good plans
Is the red dragon near us now
Has the safe place been made ready


Sunday September 20 AD 2015


Bright relief from empty windows
Compressed dopplering of the jet plane
Discouraged in my weariness
Lifted w/ my obligations
There’s more here than just ideas
We’re in the sky; the sky in us
Trees earth sun atoms move quickly
I’ve come back here again – to be


Sunday September 27 AD 2015


Morning-glory vine shakes & waves
Crickets speak from lawn, shrub & stone
Aware of one's actual size
Ones tendency to distraction
How many blood moons does it take
The end is always very near
So I ask for rain, then sunshine
Since I'm in your way, your good health


Sunday August 2 AD 2015 

Soft summer air, trumpet & strings
Row of empty Victorians
I'm alone in my weakness, yet
There are others to remind me
Of the work that has to be done
They insist on conversation
Stand on the moon, back porch, being
Light in which to see & be seen

Sunday August 9 AD 2015

Rooster's awake, the microwave 
Tower rises in morning light
It's pleasant to be recognized
Communicate w/ my trouble
Memories are quickly hidden
But I know I've offended you
Honey bee hovers at my hand
I too quickly wave him away

Sunday August 16 AD 2015

Cicada shed their skin & scream
Tiny bird passes under trees
I am encouraged by context
Glad I can relax in the weave
Many threads make up a blanket
There are seven days in a week
Young man w/ sack smokes slowly by
Church bells toll the hour to bring praise

Sunday August 23 AD 2015

Five sparrows disappear in grass
A few magnolia blossoms 
Fairly solid in spite of the
Empty space, rapid whirl; wisdom
Takes note, respects the ancient text
And dances among the people
Sunlight atomizes moisture
A stamen falls upon the page

Sunday August 30 AD 2015

The heavy air w/ cicadas
And a chill of purple flowers
Closes in around me then points
Monarch lifts & goes; I must crawl
Resonant w/ expectation
To the end of an old story
My eyes are tired but in my mind
To the north, the moon woman flies

Sunday July 26 AD 2015


Saxophone sneaks up, drums kick it
While the half painted lamp post waits
I am glad there's a finger points
An eye that's seen where this road goes
Tho' you know I am inclined to 
Ignore them, go see for myself
Does this road go to Little Rock
The farmer scratches his bald head


Sunday July 19 AD 2015


Small engine irritates the air
Cicada starts, stops, sparrow pants
Words trail off into hand shakes
Smiles of recognition & loss
I hesitate, reconsider
Encourage you to do the same
Sit a moment & then we'll walk
Along this way into the sky


Sunday July 12 AD 2015


Grey on grey, thunder & whistle
Charcoal bird on tomato stake
Vision of swift swords, machine guns
Exposed backs of a bleating crowd
Everyone has a position
Everything in rapid motion
Swallows fly before darkened sky
Quickened flags, trees & again rain




Sunday July 5 AD 2015


Willow tree & rose of Sharon
Fly, mosquito, the long wet grass
My work is thrown into non-sense
A night of rain & silly dreams
After all, it's not what you say
But what you can do that matters
He said, then continued to talk
As tho' understanding might help



Sunday June 7 AD 2015


Sun, wind, a tiny black beetle 
Crawls up the step & tries to fly
I've squeezed myself into a crowd
And out into an empty space
Where I watch & beg for comfort
Enough to get the point across
Honey bee in the white clover
Robin that approaches, sky, dirt


Sunday June 14 AD 2015


There's cigar smoke in a fresh wind
Mulberry tree leans toward light
Kind of fat & sleepy headed
I also tend to cop a lean
Comfort's not the same tho' as peace
Stillness prepares for a struggle
Warms up & swings the clarinet
Magnolia flower so clean


June 21 AD 2015


A fallen branch dries in sunlight
There's torn ground where the backhoe sat
Large effort in tiny places
Disappointment - a voice that calls
Consolation allows a bond
Encouragement to be human
Meanwhile, in between here & there
Relax a while & be my guest


Sunday June 28 AD 2015


Large dog bark echoes the distance
Train whistle also measures time
Embarrassed about the money
The luggage but not your effort
Not the twitch, twang early & late
From the place to which all life comes
The train whistle doplars away
Mourning dove & now cicada


January 4 AD 2015

Chill motion of hair in winter
Baritone whistle of a train
I'm encouraged by your laughter
Maybe there still is hope for me
When you fall you get up, even 
Better, someone helps you get up
Shoulders tremble & sirens roll
The hard ground jars my damaged knee

Sunday January 11 AD 2015

A snare drum & a clarinet
Warm this chilly grey winter day
Happy to know it is okay
To eat, drink & enjoy the gift
Tho some planning may be required
Inspection of expectations
As I finish my cold coffee
A black bird lights & flies away

January 18 AD 2015

Light & heat in a grey sweater
Sound of car wheels on wet pavement
Details & arrangements await
I just want to admire the sky
Look into the face of being
And rest till I am also strong
The old ground is thawed & soggy
I've rose colored glasses & shoes

Sunday January 25 AD 2015

There's no snow & no rain either
Just a passing conversation
A warm sense of resignation
To what is know & understood
There's a burn tho too - emotion
Tells us something is important
This cold concrete, this twisted knee
Leave me little room to argue



Sunday March 1 AD 2015




Pinched sinus, feet cold to the knee
Rain crystals in my old boot prints
I must go quickly this morning
Expectation at an arms length
Look at what you stand under &
What it is you stand up on
Reception is sometimes not good
Memory fails, the long ice drips




Sunday March 8 AD 2015




Wet concrete around the old snow
This holly bush says, I'm not well
I've poked my head outside again
Listened to bird song, tried to breathe
Remember to be connected
Affection is a joyful thing
On my neck there is something warm
There's blue sky & a mourning dove




March 15 AD 2015




Strewn straw shines, the old lamp post waits
Sparrow climbs into hollow branch
I don't want to be confronted
Just let me work & rest & work
Every part has a part to play
The top is most precarious
Woman w/ walker & sparkles
Checks her watch while maple trees bud




Sunday March 22 AD 2015




Sirens again & a shiver
Young man w/ purple phone stands by
I am aware of his eyes &
My own desire to be unseen
There must be some kind intention
Some common place to lean toward
My neck is warm now but you know
I can't sit here any longer




Sunday March 29 AD 2015




High flight of black birds, dogwood bloom
Pointed ache in the vertebrae
Aware of your need to converse
I try to be clear & rhythmic
Elevated conversation
Surely requires no self defense
Imagine not having to think
About being warm, safe, welcome


Sunday April 5 AD 2015


Light & heat soothe my poor tired eye
Mockingbird, mockingbird, mocking
It is spring & I am surprised
To again feel like I might move
Maybe trying is our business
To be still & be still moving
The willow has begun to leaf
There is a blue flag beneath it

Sunday April 12 AD 2015

The maple trees are now in bloom
Violets & dandelions
Disappointed in carelessness
That gives me more to tidy up
To be clean & awesome does not
Preclude memory nor wildness 
There are yellow tulips, uncut
Lawns, woodpecker in hollow wood

Sunday May 24 AD 2015

Surf rolls gently in leafy trees
There's a rose & a mourning dove
If I have disappointed you
Be glad that I can rest my face
Death is not always so easy
Nor this metaphoric & slow
There is clarity & sunlight
Tomato vines & lavender

Sunday May 31 AD 2015

Magnolia blossom in rain
A dance of leaves, song of sparrow
Another cup of coffee &
I will be ready to commence
In this body of memory 
That reminds me of what has been
And of what may be expected
While the whelming light approaches









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