Jim Needler, Days of Casey, Bill Smith, David Evans


Again I introduce the show & play Good Work When You Can Get It then bring on Days of Casey (Laia & Lilly Galla) who sing All My Babies Go to Boston, Hung the Moon & Love Revolution. Poet Bill Smith reads I Love the Fair & Amends the David Evans does a Steven Stills number:4 & 20 and then his own On the Telephone & Patient and Kind. I finish the set w/ Skull Hill accompanied by Dennis Maguire on bass guitar.

Days of Casey, Wm Smith, Jim Needler, David Evans


I opened this part of the show w/ Worried Man Blues accompanied by the Galla sisters, David Evans w/ Dennis Maguire on bass guitar.

Days of Casey came on & we get a clue about where their name came from & find out that their mother plays the clarinet among other things. They then played four songs: Say No More, Race Care Driver Baby, Tainted Love by Ed Cobb & A Boy Named Lucky

William Smith came back and read a couple more of his poems: Dad's Vega & one he decided to call Walgreens.

I played Keep Your Head Down again. I keep trying to get it right.

Then David Evans introduced Robin Goodan who accompanied him w/ cello & vocals . They did two of David's songs: A Lot of Letting Go To Go & I Need to Soften My Shell (Slowly but Surely), a song by the late Ralph Thumas - Your Message is Your Life & Robin sang one of her's - It's Nothing Personal.



Days of Casey, David Evans, JIm Needler


We start out this part of the show w/ one of my favorites - Go Tell Aunt Rhody, then Days of Casey come out w/ There Will Never Be Another You, Black Cat Baby & Upstate New York. David Evans comes back accompanied by Robin Goodin w: Grace, Least of These & Gratitude. I read the days Sunday Poem then sing It Must Be Love & we finish out w/ Let It Shine (This Little Light of Mine) A fine evening.

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