Saturday, February 24, AD 2018

Louisville, Kentucky 

Latitude:  38 13.4' N Longitude: 85 44.4′ W

Elevation:  460 ft. above sea level

Sunrise: 7:22; Sunset: 6:30


About Jim's new album (Good Work), Israel Rains writes: 'Good Work' is a dichotomy of being your most exciting album and lyrically your most esoteric. You explore many of the same themes you have throughout your discography but now with the courage to be darker. You explore this (with) a more eclectic influence, incorporating Latin (rhythms) in a surprising way. I would like to see you continue in this direction. Good work!



Jim Needler's Conspiracy & Guitar Pull is sponsored in part by Wesley Allen at Eastwood Records, Jeanne Samdani, MA ECON., CMFC Investment Advisor Representative, Avery & Sun Solar Installations, Patty Reimann & Paul Brandon McGee.

{Since our first show on May 20th 2012, we've hosted 65 evenings of the Conspiracy & Guitar Pull & featured the following artists: Johnny Berry, Danny Flanigan, Jim Dishman, LaMay & Reese, Derrick Wade Manley, Big Poppa Stampley, Alanna Fugate, Gavin Caster, Tim DeLonjay, Tyrone Cotton, Thomas Wesley Bowman, Mickey Clark, Alex Wright, Alan Rhody, Butch Rice, Cody Lee Meece, Joel Curtis, Joel T. Henderson, Joel Timothy, Joe Hanna, Tom Boone, Jim Phillips, Tyler Warden, Carrie Cooley, Kevin Dalton, Rhonda Rainwater, Jay Goldstein, Paul Moffett, Jonathan Bramel, Dan Bowlds, Dylana Jean Nalley, Norbert Blocker, Kris Logsdon, Dallas Cole, Justin Paul Lewis, George Stearman, John D'Amato, Kim Weber, Dan Colon, Lisa Sandell, Ken Lucchese, Jonathan New, Heath MaCurdy, Gabe Close, Sydney Sleadd, Kendra Villiger, Ed Burch, Rosella Pearl, Wanda Fries, Days of Casey, Charles Price, Alex Peterson, Sean T. Johnson, Sam Gaddis, David Evans, June Burton, Caleb Robinson, Denny Wheatley, Jim Peterson Schmitt, Sean Patrick Hill, Serpent Wisdom, Clint Ackerman, Eric Vaughn Schneeburger, Patty Rieman, David Benson, Jordan Duffy, Bill Clark, Paul Brendan Mcgee, Dustin Edge, Chad Money & Alex Hacker.} Thank you all. 


Sunday November 5 AD 2017

There is a tree w/ white flowers
The holly bush is excited
I'm sleepy under such pressure
I've fallen back to morning light
There is damage all around me
But also the sky w/ its strength
My skin is like everyone's skin
My children too want kindness


Sunday November 12 AD 2017

A steady fall of yellow leaves
Flies walking on a marble step
I am thin mostly hidden stand
Offish in division of words
Understanding's a happy thing
Together we'll have a party
There's a camera man in red
Along the wall a quick sparrow


Sunday November 19 AD 2017

Seven kinds of bird in one tree
Flowering vine & mistletoe
My belly is complicated
Looking into the mouth of time
Searching for something strong among
The ruins that cannot be lost
Dim light gathers in the window
An old dusty web starts to move

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

December 17 AD 2017

(Wet earth is our habitation
Piled golden leaves & red berries)
And I am happy to be here
Where I may check my emotions
Lust for power distorts the time
Kindness implicates all of us
Coming out of frightened houses
To see if what we tho't was real


Sunday December 24 AD 2017

In the woods this morning, fine snow 
Among the prefabrications
And I long for a simple home
With a garden by the river
And walks among the twisting strands
That hold earth & sky together
First I must come to where I stopped
Amused by an electric fire                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Sunday December 31 AD 2017

The road is now salted & dry
People walk quickly, houses steam
I find myself awkward again
Out of touch w/ my own image
So I study the scriptures, shine
My shoes, brush this stringy old hair
Get ready for an appearance 
Once again among the people                                                                                                                                                                                                    

January 7 AD 2018

The ground is frozen but the path
Is clear, smoke rolling to the south
I wanted my big boots back on
And the frost growing in my beard
With laughter to roll off the years
(Fool giggling to goad the king)
I would pick up my sled again
Tromp thru' woods looking for a hill





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